Rural Livelihoods

Livelihoods in rural areas which dominate the mountains are a challenge. This forces people to migrate to urban areas. INHERE helps communities to identify natural resource based advantages and opportunities  and to realize them.

Challenges in Adopting Livelihood options:

  • Culture to set up business enterprises lacking.
  • Lack of skills to run business enterprise
  • Little risk-taking capacity in business
  • Lack of exposure and attitude for business
  • Less information on business opportunities existing
  • Lack confidence in dealing with bank and other institutions
  • Lack access to information for procuring appropriate material, tools and equipment and machines
  • Lack technical knowledge and management skill for running business.
  • Lack of ability to link and deal with markets.

INHERE’s initiatives:

  • Assessment  and identification of surplus produce in the village and surroundings.
  • Identification of value addition opportunities and their selection in consultation with the community.
  • Assistance  in establishment of individual and community enterprises utilizing resources available in the village and vicinity.
  • Assistance to  enterprises with quality control protocols in production and value addition  for  world class products.
  • Support in   packaging, labeling and related requirements
  • Assistance   in account keeping, legal formalities and tax requirements.
  • Support for linking products with markets-local and outside as feasible.
  • INHERE also promotes agriculture and subsidiary activities like poultry, goatery, fishery, beekeeping, vegetable farming, spice cultivation, fruit cultivation  to create additional incomes for farmers and increase raw material for the enterprises.