Environment conservation, augmentation and education for environment friendly development is the foundation of all of INHERE initiatives and activities. This stems from its presence and commitment to the Himalayan mountain region and the interface with nature of the communities inhabiting this region. INHERE works to conserve this legacy going forward.

Current Challenges of Conservation of Environment:

  • Decreasing biodiversity and increasing mono species.
  • Decrease in first order carni cum herbivorous animals and increase in herbivores
  • Decrease in food species plants in wild areas
  • Increase in man-animal conflict
  • Increase in forest fires and ingress into habited areas
  • Decrease in waterbodies 

INHERE’s initiatives.

  • Conserving the plant biodiversity of the village areas – both natural and agricultural.
  • Conserving traditional legacy seeds of farmers.
  • Supporting initiatives to combat pollution in villages.
  • Promoting Watershed and springshed development work.
  • Promoting plantation with traditional broad leaved species with multiuse.
  • Supporting catchment protection efforts.
  • Promoting medicinal, fruit and spice  cultivation in villages