Building Competencies

Building Competencies

INHERE believes that empowerment of human resources through knowledge and capacity building is the key to sustaining any development process. Strengthening the competence of people is the key to empowerment.

a) Farmer’s Seed Bank

In order to support, protect and promote local biodiversity, a seed bank has been established to conserve traditional mountain seeds. The seed varieties are collected, graded, tested and further made available to local farmers of the region. At present 29 variety of traditional mountain seeds ranging from vegetables, pulses, cereals and millets collected, processed and recycled in the region.

b) Farmers’ Poultry Promotion Enterprise

A model Poultry unit has been developed comprising of 5 indigeneous varieties at Chinoni campus in order to demonstrate alternate agro-based livelihood opportunities in the mountain regions. Moreover, the unit also supports entrepreneurs by providing vaccinated chicks to further strengthen poultry rearing at local level.  

c) Young Progressive Farmers Leadership

A platform has been created for Young Progressive Farmers of the region in order to promote leadership amongst agro-based entrepreneurs, progressive farmers and interested individuals alike so that they can take up and solve their problem themselves together. Identification of farmer leaders, group formation and motivation trainings are main issues of work.

d) Value Addition and Promotion of Pahari Products

Trainings on processing, value addition and marketing is  given to local entrepreneurs in order to promote and increase value of locally available products in the region. A website is being developed to bring entrepreneurs and their products  under a larger umbrella brand of Pahari products.