About Us

The Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education (INHERE) is dedicated to sustainable development in the Himalayan mountain region – its People, Environment and Economy. INHERE focuses on conservation and sustainable use of natural resources,  diverse safe and nutritious food, sustainable rural livelihoods, water and sanitation and above all community empowerment. Working with small mountain communities, INHERE reaches out in solidarity to international and global communities, movements and activities sharing common concerns in endeavour to create a better world.

Who we are (Left DIV)

The Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education (INHERE) is dedicated to sustainable development in the Himalayan mountain region – its People, Environment and Economy.

With its main office at Chinoni, Almora, in the picturesque Ramganga valley of Kumaun region of Uttarakhand in India, INHERE is working for holistic development of the region with active involvement of local communities since 1982.

At INHERE, we have continuously striven to be an open and a learning organization, inculcating an organizational culture to achieve effectiveness and excellence.


INHERE works for people centered sustainable process of development based on security, equity and harmony in society with equal opportunity and participation of women and men.


Exploring, supporting and providing opportunities of development for a better quality of life to socially and economically marginalized mountain people, especially women.

Leading and creating sustainable development models.

INHERE is committed to sharing its learning, experiences and development ideas with the wider community of socially and economically marginalized across the world and fellow development organizations to contribute to an economically, socially and environmentally just and equitable global society.

Legal status: (Right Div)

Registered under Society Registration Act. 1860, GOI

Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976, GOI

Registered under 12A of Income Tax Act

Registered under 80 G of Income Tax Act

Our Team

INHERE has a multi disciplinary team comprising Subject Matter Specialists, Researchers and Trainers, Agriculturists, Geologists, Foresters and Environmentalists, Civil Engineers, Food Technicians, Social Scientists, a Health and Medicial Team, a Hygiene and Drinking Water Team, Watershed Development Planning and Implementation Team, Organic Agriculture Promotion Team, Social Workers and Village Mobilizers Team, Women Empowerment and Gender Team, Research and Development Team. The staff members are well experienced and motivated towards the organisation’s vision and mission and committed for the development of the marginalized. There is a continuous organizational effort to update the skills and knowledge of team members through training and workshops.

INHERE is rooted in the area where it works. The INHERE team including the management staff has a good understanding of local development issues and problems and are committed to working for solutions.

The day to day work is overseen primarily by the President and the Directors at the organizational level and project teams led by Team Leaders and Coordinators and assisted by specialists in various fields.

In recruitment, priority is given to candidates from the local area and affected communities who have a good understanding of the problems and needs.

Organisation Structure

The organization structure of INHERE is simple and flat, to instill greater accountability and sincerity of staff at work. At the apex is the General Body, which is the main policy making and approval body. The General Body elects the President of the organization and the members of the Executive Committee, which is empowered to make decisions on behalf of the General Body and appoint the Director. The Director also acts as the Secretary to both General Body and Executive Committee. The General Body meets once a year and the Executive Committee meets twice a year or as requires.

The day to day operation is supervised by the Director/Secretary with the assistance of a core team comprising coordinators and Team Leaders of the programmes, projects and specialists in various fields. There is a monthly meeting of the entire staff to share experiences, get feedback, analyze problems, monitor progress and plans for the future. In these meetings the staff are engaged for personal growth, organizational growth and bringing in work effectiveness and also for developing and keeping transparence in work.

Facilities and Infrastructure:


The organization has created a knowledge centre at its Chinoni office containing a wide array of literature ranging from books, reports, academic journals, dist. Gazetteers and statistical handbooks along with audio-visual content on topics ranging from Environment, Ecology, Mountains and Himalayas, Rural development, Agriculture,  Planning and Economics, Social Aspects, Women and Children  etc. to name a few. 

Meeting Hall

The meeting hall in the main building at the Chinoni office has been created in order to provide a space for engagement of various stakeholders for government and project level activities and discussions. The hall is equipped with audio- visual equipments, thus, also functioning as a resource centre in the local region as well.

Dining Hall

The organization also has a dining hall with an attached mess facility which serves good quality food on demand.

Guest Rooms

There are 4 double bed rooms with attached washroom along with one dormitory in order to provide a comfortable stay to volunteers, interns and visitors alike who visit our Chinoni office at Chaukhutia